Carry Ramel

Peace Youth Ministry and Sunday School Coordinator


Carry Ramel has served Peace as the Youth Ministry coordinator since September of 2013.  Ministry experience includes: teaching the youth of all ages, including preschool to high school, confirmation and youth Bible classes, as well as being the Youth and Sunday school coordinator.  Carry has a master's degree in education and currently completing a Ph.D. in education.  She also completed Director of Church Ministries training at Concordia University in Mequon, WI, completing levels 1 Foundations for Service & 2 Practice in Service.  In past congregations, she has served as a youth leader and choir director.  Aside from ministry experience and education, Carry's background is in teaching and intensive care, mental health, and community health nursing.  Carry has used all of her ministry, education, and teaching and nursing experience to create a holistic youth ministry.   

Carry is also married to a wonderful husband of 21 years and has two boys.   She enjoys being outdoors, such as gardening, hunting, and camping.

  • phone: 920-887-1272 Ext 13